The Ride of a Lifetime

Individual flights in our high performance airplanes that give your people the opportunity to soar!

Outsoar the Competition

Pre-select top performers or draw names from a hat to send someone from your group on a flight they will never forget.

Aerobatic Flying Experience

Rolls, loops and spins — it’s the experience you cannot miss!

Formation Ride

Fly within mere feet of another aircraft! A great option for team members that want something a little less extreme.

Custom Branding

The airplane and flight suits are your canvas — show your team you mean business!

Visual Memories of Each Ride

Our experienced digital media team will design a custom video and provide still photos from each ride experience, giving your attendees a keepsake for life!

Our Ride of a Lifetime Includes:

20-minute VIP ride with one of our highly-experienced pilots.

Aircraft equipped with in-cockpit video and audio to capture every second of your experience.

A flight schedule specific to you and your attendees’ needs. We have the experience to make your day a success!

Ready to Take Off?

Contact us today to find out how Mach 2 Airshows can take your meeting into the stratosphere!

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