Mach 2 Airshows

Mach 2 Airshows is the culmination of a dream by CEO & Founder Anthony “AB” Bourke to bring private airshows to the world of corporate meetings and events.

Anthony Bourke
CEO & Founder

As a former US Air Force F-16 Fighter Pilot and top rated motivational speaker, AB is constantly asked by clients how to make next year’s meeting even better. AB believes that incorporating private airshows into these meetings and events is an obvious way to make the following year bigger and more successful than the last. After a five-year search to find the perfect pilots to perform such a mission, Mach 2 Airshows came to fruition. These are highly experienced and professional airshow pilots, they mix well with corporate audiences and most importantly they are the safest in the business.

John Klatt

John Klatt
Flight Lead & Operations Officer

As a young child, John Klatt dreamed of flying, and his favorite pastime was listening to his father, an aircraft mechanic, tell aviation stories. John received his private pilot ratings in 1986, and began flying a Taylorcraft L2-A by the time he was 18 years old. Today, he is recognized as one of the world’s top aerobatic pilots, having performed in more than 300 airshows throughout the past 15 years. In addition to his endeavors as an aerobatic pilot, John is a highly experienced F-16 Pilot and United Airlines Pilot as well. When you work with John and his team, you’re working with the best in the business!

Mach 2 Airshows provides the opportunity to hold your own private airshow at your next corporate meeting or event. Whether it’s an airshow performed on the beach during cocktail hour, over your hotel, or at a local airport, Mach 2 Airshows has the ability to make your meeting better than you or your attendees can imagine.

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